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Owner's of the Hotpoint Washer/Dryer WD420 gave it a score of 3.7 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
  • Reliability

    3.77 out of 5
  • Durability

    3.64 out of 5
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    3.6 out of 5
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    3.61 out of 5
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    3.7 out of 5
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Water Connection
Connecting the cold water inlet hoses with the ‘Y’
piece connector.
! Remember: please use the new hoses supplied,
fitted to the machine. Old hoses may cause leaks due
to worn out washers or may be split due to water
! Remember: This is a c
old-fill machine... BOTH fill
hoses (blue connectors) fitted to the rear of the
machine MUST be connected to the COLD water
supply (via the ‘Y’ piece connector).
! Before making connections to the cold water
supply, allow the water to run freely from the supply
tap until it is perfectly clear.
1. Screw the ‘Y’ piece connector onto the cold water
supply until tight.
2. Fit a
/4" sealing cap to the hot water supply, to
prevent unused supply leaking.
3. Turn ON the COLD water supply tap and check for
leaks, tighten if necessary.
4. Leave the unused HOT water supply turned OFF.
! We recommend fitting a
/4" sealing cap
to the hot water supply tap (if present), to
ensure there are no leaks. Sealing caps
can be purchased from Hotpoint Service
on 08709 077 077 or all good DIY and
Plumbing outlets.
Benefits of cold fill
Modern detergents are designed to give the best
cleaning results at low temperatures. Biological
detergents contain enzymes which are active
between 30˚C and 53˚C, giving greater results at
lower temperatures.
Cold water relaxes fabrics, whilst hot water can
seal in stains.
Improved stain removal with cold water.
The most commonly used programme at present is
40˚C, which will take on cold water even if hot and
cold were available.
You can heat the water required to finish the wash
cycle, which makes it more economical than taking
water heated in a tank by an immersion heater or
gas boiler.
Hints and tips
! Make sure there are no kinks or bends in the hose.
! The water pressure at the supply tap must be within
the values indicated in the Technical Details table
(see page 20).
! If the water inlet hoses are not long enough, you can
purchase an extended hose from Hotpoint Service on
08709 077 077.
! Always use a new inlet hose.
! Check the water inlet hose at least once a year,
replace if cracked as worn hoses could split under
water pressure.
! Turn on the water supply and check that the
connections do not leak. If there is a leak, turn off
the water supply, disconnect the hoses and check
that the sealing washers are in place. Refit the hoses
and turn on the water supply.
Your machine will be noisy if the two front feet are not
adjusted so that the machine stands firm and level.
! The machine must be levelled from side to side and
from front to back.
1. Move your machine into its final location, taking
care not to trap or kink the hoses.
2. Turn one or both front feet
anti-clockwise by hand until the
feet cannot be turned any more.
When adjusting the feet, use a
spirit level to check the machine
stands level, from side to side
and from front to back.
The spring on each foot will stop
them coming loose.
! If it is placed on a fitted or loose carpet, adjust the
feet in such a way as to allow enough room for
ventilation beneath the machine.
Did you know?...
...the most common cause of problems with water connection is that the customer has not turned the
supply tap on..
...it is very important to ensure that your hoses or cables are not kinked or squashed when the machine
is pushed back into its location, as this can lead to your machine failing to fill or empty the water.
...the majority of problems with noisy machines are due to the feet not being adjusted correctly to
level the machine.
Cold water fill hose (Blue Connectors)
‘Y’ piece connector
and Option
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