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Owner's of the Hotpoint Washer/Dryer WD420 gave it a score of 3.7 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
  • Reliability

    3.77 out of 5
  • Durability

    3.64 out of 5
  • Maintenance

    3.6 out of 5
  • Performance

    3.61 out of 5
  • Ease of Use

    3.7 out of 5
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Option Modifiers and
Special Features
Special features
! Not all special features can be used on all programmes - (see Programme Table for option availability).
Fast Wash:
The Fast Wash programmes are designed for lightly soiled loads delivering quick results for smaller loads, using
less energy. For loads with stains or increased soil levels which require deeper cleaning, use the standard or
intensive wash cycles.
Wash & Dry:
On most programmes a wash cycle can be immediately followed by a drying cycle. To select this simply select
the desired wash programme and then select a drying time (Aquarius and Aquarius
) or an auto dryness level
only) and the appropriate temperature for the drying cycle (default is LOW heat, press the Drying
High Heat option button for cottons). Press the Start/Cancel button and the wash cycle will start and when
complete, the drying cycle will automatically commence.
Note: The maximum capacity for a Wash & Dry load is:
- Cottons 5kg
- Synthetics 3kg
A gentle action programme for delicate items and items labelled as hand wash only.
Not for Wool or Silk garments (use the special programmes for those materials).
Handwash Wool Approved:
The wool wash cycle on Hotpoint machines has been tested and approved by the Woolmark Company for washing
garments labelled as ‘hand wash’, provided that the ‘garments’ are washed in accordance to the instructions
issued by the manufacturer of this machine.
- This cycle is selected by turning the Programme Selector dial to the wool programme and selecting the ‘Wash
Enhance’ option modifier (see Programme Table and Option Modifiers).
We recommend using a wool wash liquid when using Wool programmes.
Super Silent Wash:
Using the latest brush-less electric motors and damper technology the noise levels during the washing phase
are significantly lower than a conventional machine.
only: Display
If time delay is selected this shows the time remaining until the start of the wash programme in hours – counting
down each hour.
It also displays time to end of the wash programme in hours and minutes counting down each minute.
! Please note time can go up as well as down depending on load absorbency, load size and water temperature.
Note: We recommend that if you use colour catcher sheets in your appliance that these only be used inside
a wash bag, as otherwise they can affect the performance of your machine.
Did you know?…
… when an option button is selected the corresponding light is illuminated.
… if the option selected is incompatible with the programme selected, the button will flash and the option will
not be enabled.
… if you set an option that is incompatible with an option selected previously, only the last option selected will
be enabled.
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